Cardinal Healthcare Group’s Comprehensive Recruitment Process

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Bronko Technology Consulting

Recruiting professional Joe Goddard is the owner of Cardinal Healthcare Group, based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In this role, Joe Goddard oversees the firm’s healthcare recruiting and staffing operations.

Cardinal Healthcare Group employs a comprehensive recruitment process to meet your healthcare practice’s staffing needs. The company first creates a profile of your physician or nurse opportunity. Cardinal confirms your goals, expectations, financials, and preferred candidate parameters. It also enquires about the contractual arrangements desired and the communication strategies to follow.

Afterward, Cardinal will conduct a thorough physician or nurse sourcing campaign. This is really where Cardinal’s knowledge of the market is invaluable. It knows exactly where to find the best talent to recruit them.

What follows sourcing is a thorough candidate screening and assessment process. Assessments are done on the candidates and their families. A criminal and credit check is also done. Once all candidates are vetted, Cardinal offers assistance with interviewing and post-interview debriefing that includes contract negotiation assistance. The firm offers a six-month guarantee for all physicians and nurses recruited.


Sleep Studies at the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology

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Sleep Studies

The Cardinal Group, a healthcare professional recruiting firm based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is managed by founder Joe Goddard. In 2017, Joe Goddard announced that The Cardinal Group had secured a partnership with the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology (MCN), a healthcare provider focused on neurological issues associated with a variety of ailments, including sleep disorders.

Patients dealing with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia can be monitored overnight at MCN’s sleep laboratory. Several electrodes are attached to patients by a technician. These devices monitor breathing, heart and pulse rates, and movement.

After a night’s sleep, the patient’s sleep data is analyzed and used to identify any abnormalities as well as the best course of treatment. Before staying in the sleep laboratory, patients should discuss any questions they may have with their doctor or a laboratory technician.

People experiencing problems with daytime sleepiness typically undergo a multiple sleep latency test. This four to five-hour long test is performed a couple of hours after waking up from an overnight stay.

The Hiring Services of Bronko Technology Consulting


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Bronko Technology Consulting

Joe Goddard is an experienced recruitment professional with a wealth of experience in the health care sector He currently resides in greater Fayetteville-Springdale, Arkansas, where he owns and operates the Cardinal Group. Under Joe Goddard’s direction, Cardinal has secured a strategic partnership with Providence Recruiting of Dallas, Texas, giving birth to a subsidiary called Bronko Technology Consulting.

Concentrating exclusively on the information technology (IT) industry, Bronko Technology Consulting recruits qualified professionals to fill vacant positions across the United States. The company offers a range of contract and direct-hire services.

Bronko’s standard contract services involve securing IT employees to provide the technical resources needed to start and complete various projects. After reaching an agreement on contract terms, Bronko manages all human resource processes from payroll to taxation. The company’s contract-to-hire services enable clients to monitor and assess the performance of a Bronko worker before making a formal employment offer.

Bronko also offers direct-hire services that give clients the opportunity to hire an affiliated IT consultant as an internal employee. The company guarantees the workers it places that they will not be prematurely terminated.

Jenna Bush Hager to Present at MSU Public Affairs Conference

MSU Public Affairs Conference pic
MSU Public Affairs Conference

An experienced recruiting executive in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Joe Goddard serves as managing partner of The Cardinal Group, which encompasses Cardinal Healthcare Group, Inc., and Bronko Technology Consulting, Inc. Joe Goddard holds a BS in business from the Missouri State University, which recently announced that Jenna Bush Hager will headline the fall Public Affairs conference.

On September 5, 2018, former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager, now correspondent for NBC’s Today show, will present the keynote address at 7:30 p.m. at Missouri State University’s 2018 Public Affairs Conference, which will take place in the Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts. The keynote address opens the conference.

With a theme of Unity in Community, this year’s conference will feature a number of educational sessions, including Poverty Is Not a State of Mind, to be held on Wednesday, September 26, and The Arts as the Heart of Utopia, scheduled for Thursday, September 27. The Public Affairs Conference will close with a plenary session titled Using Adaptation to Bridge the Climate Divide, to be presented by Victoria Hermann, president and managing director of the Arctic Institute.