Joe Goddard: Top Three Interview Tips

Joe Goddard, a recruiting professional in Fayetteville, Arkansas, alongside his associates of the Cardinal Group, connects employers and employees with proven and quality staffing techniques. Today, Goddard specializes in nursing and informational technology staff recruiting.

While interviewing can often prove to be highly stressful and nerve racking, it does not have to be as daunting as you may expect. All it takes is a little preparation and the right mindset to take part in a great interview. The following tips outline a few suggestions to make this happen.

1. Practice for your interview by going over common or likely questions. Get a friend or family member to help and provide feedback with your answers and delivery.

2. Dress for success. Make sure that your attire is appropriate and professional. The better you look, the more confident you will feel from the start.

3. Always research the company with which you will be interviewing. Get a sense of their core values and mission.


Joe Goddard, Proud Co-Owner of a Minority-Owned Business

Joe Goddard manages the operations, budgeting, and personnel decisions for The Cardinal Group, a recruiting and staffing firm in Fayetteville, Arkansas. A successful minority-owned company, it focuses on recruitment in the healthcare and IT sectors. He shares the changing landscape for minority-owned business in the United States.

+ Minority-owned businesses continue to grow in the United States. They account for more than $1 trillion in total revenue and are responsible for some six million jobs in the country.

+ Although on the whole, minority-owned businesses are smaller than other organizations, they are twice as likely to earn sales via exports when compared to non-minority-owned businesses. This may be attributed to cultural ties with other countries as well as to successful networking.

+ When minority-owned businesses are located in minority neighborhoods, they provide employment to communities that have been historically under-employed. Job creation can revitalize these communities.

+ Minority-owned businesses continue to face challenges in securing capital and large bank loans commensurate with their non-minority-owned counterparts. Equal access to loans would allow for the expansion of minority-owned businesses, and improve their balance sheets and credit scores.

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Joe Goddard: The Cardinal Healthcare Group’s Value-Added Recruitment Services

A veteran recruiting professional, Joe Goddard serves as Managing Partner of the Cardinal Healthcare Group, Inc. The Fayetteville, Arkansas, firm provides a host of nurse and midlevel practitioner recruiting services.

A key difference in the Cardinal Group’s approach is the personalized attention given to each job candidate. Starting with an in-person profile, the firm ascertains expectations, goals, and time frames for continuing in suitable employment. With a focus on ensuring compliance with federal recruitment law, the company also facilitates contractual arrangements. Mr. Goddard and his team liaise closely between candidates and search committees and make certain that effective communication pathways are established and maintained.

The Cardinal Group’s dedicated travel department handles the details involved in setting up onsite interviews for candidates and their families. In cases in which contracts are successfully secured, Joe Goddard and his staff arrange relocation logistics and strive to ensure that the transition process is as seamless as possible.